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3-Day New Orleans Culinary

Experience the flavors and cooking techniques of "The Big Easy"

4-Day Art

Visit the world's best museums, tour the artist's districts, and meet industry professionals.

4-Day New York Culinary

New York has all the world's cultures right out the front door. Taste and tour!

4-Day Theater

New York is the center of theater; Broadway, Off-Broadway, and experimental. See Shows, meet industry professionals, and take master classes.

5-Day Dance

All styles can be studied here: Broadway, African, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Horton (Alvin Ailey).

5-Day Fashion

New York is the Fashion Capital of the U.S. Learn the history of Fashion, visit a jewelry designer, and meet a clothing rep to learn the business side of the industry.

3-day Chicago Culinary

3 words: Pizza, Pizza, and Pizza. Best time to travel is when you can visit the National Restaurant Association convention.

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Round Trip Transportation

We will provide your group with round trip transportation that is reliable and comfortable, either by motor coach, Amtrak, or airline. While touring the city, you will never need public transportation. Your group will have the comfort of your own private motor coach!

Complimentary Chaperone Travel

We will supply complimentary travel for one chaperone per every 20 paying participants.

Completely Specialized Planning

Your itinerary will be custom tailored to you and your educational goals. They will be flexible with activities planned throughout the day and night.

Cash Stipend

As the organizer of the trip, you will receive a cash stipend in advance of your trip. You can use it to defray the cost of the trip, bring an extra chaperone, or keep as an emergency fund.


e.e. tours carries a Professional Liability Insurance Policy for your protection.

All Inclusive

There are no hidden costs. The packages include all admissions and taxes.

Here's how to




I have never traveled before or organized a trip, how do I do it? will walk you through step by step, guiding you along the way up until you arrive. Once you are here, our seasoned and professional guides will take control and guide you through the city with ease and finesse.

How do I know when I should travel?

Pick the dates that are best for you. Check your school calendar, ask your students, and choose a date that has the least conflicts.

How many people may I bring?

Bring as many as you want. A bus typically holds about 50 passengers, but we can take as few as 20. Once you go over 30 or 40 the price starts to reduce because the common charges are split.

What if my school board or principal won't approve the trip?

Trips don't have to be sanctioned by the school, especially if it is scheduled during non-school days. In fact, it gives us a little more freedom when planning the trip.

Speaking of charges, how much does this cost and how do I pay?

There is a wide range of prices with many variables coming into play.

i.e. - How many students? How many days? Busing in or flying? How many Broadway shows? Call us to discuss price. We have a payment schedule that works well with the teachers. Group leaders take a deposit equal to one third of the total per person, a month after booking. This secures the Broadway tickets and other items that we purchase up front. This deposit will help you gauge how many people are serious about coming. The second deposit is due 2 months later with the final balance due 8 weeks before the trip.

Don't worry, if you have a hard time collecting deposits after you book the trip, simply cancel. There is no obligation if you have not sent in your deposit.

What if I don't see the destination I want?

Just ask; we will make almost anything happen. However, we are not traveling to Europe right now.

Request a Quote

"I will never use another company again."

It is with great pleasure that I recommend e.e. tours as the #1 tour company to plan your next NYC group trip. My experience with them this past year has been nothing but pleasurable.

They were also quick to remedy any issues that arose on my end...issues that included adding people to the group AFTER theatre tickets had been purchased and changing a name with the airlines just two days before the trip. And when an airline cancelled our San Francisco to NYC flight, e.e. tours was quick to be sure that the new flight met all of the needs of our group. This level of service is simply remarkable, and is something I learned is the norm for

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"This wasn't just a paycheck or hobby, this was a passion"

In Law Enforcement we have a saying "The best defense is a better offense", planning is everything. The first time I ever met Matt Koke was when the CCS drama department was taking a trip to The Big Apple.

I was very skeptical about this trip because of all the dangers a city like New York has to offer a group of secondary school students. I very impressed with the way Matt was able to coral our group as quickly as he did.

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"courteous, professional, entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable"

I always bring 44 very eager high school Theatre students and a dozen adults on these trips. Matt does an amazing job of playing stage manager to my director role in organizing the itinerary and events associated with the tour.

He solves all the problems, no matter how big or small, that come about with hotels, workshop leaders, and restaurant bookings. And best of all, he does it with grace and professionalism that is the epitome for what you would expect from the perfect tour guide.

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"the best tour guide that I have ever had"

I have been traveling to New York City for about 10 years and have traveled with different traveling companies and many different tour guides. Without a doubt, Matt Koke has been the best tour guide that I have ever had. He is personable, upbeat, enthusiastic, and motivated.

He is extremely organized and gives great attention to detail. He is very knowledgeable, informative, and will give you a good understanding of the city in a very short time frame. You can tell that Matt enjoys working with students and helping them learn. As a result, he encourages you and your students to ask questions.

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"knowledge... maturity... sense of fun"

It is with unabashed pride that I write this testimonial for Matt. I am honored that he asked me, of the many teachers he has worked with through the years, to endorse his new venture.

Visiting the many and varied sights with Matt will immediately assure one of his in-depth research, his passion for the city, and his devotion to offering his best to his group. I am thrilled that he has worked with us; it is a relationship that I will relish for many years to come.

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"attention to detail is his greatest asset."

I have had the pleasure of chaperoning three trips to New York City with Matt Koke as our tour guide over the past seven years. Matt quickly emphasized the importance of what our students needed to do to maintain their own personal safety. Matt's attention to detail is his greatest asset. Matt clearly communicates to the bus quite frequently about safety concerns and things to be cautious about.

Over my sixteen years in the high school setting, I have never chaperoned a trip where more care about student safety have been demonstrated. Matt is exceptional at what he does and the steps he takes to ensure things are run smoothly.

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